A great collection of user-made games based on the same appearance and gameplay

Roblox Corporation - March 8, 2019
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ROBLOX 2.374.282978reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5 star rating4.5/5
Creating an awesome game is a challenge for game creators, as different users have different things in mind when talking about the perfect Android game. However, Roblox faces this challenge in a different manner: it lets its players create their own games!

Roblox is a free game. After the download you can create your avatar, and you are presented with massive amounts of user-created games you can play. They range from various simulators, towns created to hang out with people, etc.

It's impossible to play all the games as new ones keep coming out all the time. The graphical style is pixelated, and it's safe to say it resembles Minecraft. Avatars can be controlled with a virtual joystick, but plenty of game creators put their own buttons, which can be sometimes difficult to use.

This game is great for kids, since creating an account with age set to thirteen or lower imposes children protection in various ways. This way, your child can play the game without you worrying if he stumbles upon adult content.

Games are diverse in their nature and it's hard to rate Roblox, as it's actually a collection of games. There are pretty fun games you can enjoy and there are games where you don't even know what to do, depending on the creator. Still, the game is probably more enjoyed by a younger audience, considering just how vast it can be. It's a great idea, but it does need a bit more work.

• Free to play and it doesn't take up too much space
• Loads of games to play
• It's much more fun if you have a friend to play with you
• Controls are simple
• Many games can actually provide an in-depth experience
• Some games are not well optimized for different screen sizes
• Some creators throw in buttons which can be interfering, and others are just too small
• Many games rely on a heavy use of in-game currencies (paid or acquired)
• Graphics are understandably weak but there are just too many glitches


Minimum requirements

• Android 4.4+

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Operating system: Android

Package name: com.roblox.client

Supported languages: Available in multiple languages

Release date: 2019-03-04

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